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​                                                         Target V

Global Impact

Members of Zeta Pi Omega will implement the UNA-USA Global Classrooms Project to prepare today's youth for an increasingly global and complex society and to expand understanding of the UN, its mission and focus.

​                                                         Target IV

Environment Ownership

We strive to improve the quality of life in under served communities by implementing high impact programs which provide healthy environments.

 Zeta Pi Omega will work towards ensuring children have safe and inviting places to play by participating in The AKA 1908 Playground Project℠. Sorority members worldwide will restore and renew 1,908 existing community and school playgrounds with its Restore, Refresh and Renew Project℠.

Through Acts of Green Project℠ members promote environmental sustainability by encouraging recycling, litter prevention and waste management through daily green efforts in local communities.


​                                                         Target III

Family Strengthing

Our Family Strengthening Programs targets critical issues facing many families, including lack of food, shelter and financial means.

Community based Childhood Hunger Initiatives partners with local agencies, food banks and community pantries.
The Family Seasonal Wraps℠ Program offers sorority sponsors a major initiative to collect and donate hats, gloves, socks, scarves, coats, sweaters and other seasonal wraps for families in need.
Fiscal Responsibility Programs allows members to work with partner organizations and families to help increase their understanding of budgeting, basic financial planning and benefits of home ownership.

​                                                         Target II

Health Promotion
Zeta Phi Omega is dedicates it's efforts to promoting health awareness in the areas of  Alzheimer's Disease, Stroke and Mental Illness. 
The Alzheimer's Disease and Caregiver Support Program 
generates awareness and support for Alzheimer's programming and research. Alzheimer's disease is one of the fastest growing health challenges among African Americans.
Stroke and Heart Disease Awareness remains a focus area concentrating on a major stroke prevention awareness campaign with emphasis on hypertension management, diet and exercise.
Mental Health is also highlighted as our members bring attention to mental illness among diverse populations with low utilization of mental health services.

​                                                         Target I

Educational Enrichment
Zeta Pi Omega participates in our organization's youth enrichment program, ASCEND℠. This program is designed to motivate, engage and assist high school students in reaching their maximum potential. The ASCEND℠ program focuses on Achievement, Self-Awareness, Communication, Engagement, Networking and Developmental Skills. Students in the ASCEND℠ Program will have an opportunity to receive academic enrichment and life skills training to support their journey to college or vocational employment.

Supporting Our HBCU
In support of our organization's national campaign, we support Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the THINK HBCU℠. This program highlights the contribution of HBCU's to society and our sorority. HBCUs, not only play a major role in our history, but serves as an important avenue for moving students through their educational careers. 

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